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Letter from the Director

May 27, 2024

Dear Readers,

The Aspire blog is now re-energized as Aspire Blogzine! Here at Aspire Blogzine, we consider an even wider variety of positive social change expressions for possible publication:

  • book reviews
  • photo essays
  • poetry
  • short stories/short fiction
  • short creative non-fiction
  • travelogs

Aspire Blogzine gives us all room to move, time to breathe, and space to (re)consider social change in myriad ways. Accordingly, it is published as guest blogger submissions roll in and as editorial time and space allow.

Aspire Blogzine’s newest aspirations come from the skillful eye and pen of Chris Taylor, who reminds us to take time to recognize the beauty and power of some of the world’s most endangered avians and earnestly endeavor to protect them.

Keep aspiring,

Lisa Pertillar-Brevard, PhD
Lead Fellow and Director
Walden University Center for Social Change

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