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School of Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Studies:
School of Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Studies

School of Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Studies

The School of Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Studies (SIUS) is the academic unit of Walden University responsible for the general education curriculum, as well as the Bachelor of Science in Communication program. Faculty in the school represent the wide array of disciplines contained in general education in addition to communication.

SIUS collaborates with Walden’s other colleges and schools in the planning and delivery of undergraduate degree programs. The school also collaborates with Walden’s student support units to build and maintain an enriching learning experience for undergraduate students.

School Mission

School Mission

Walden University’s School of Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Studies provides a diverse community of learners—including career starters, changers, and advancers—the opportunity to develop as professional leaders who create positive social change in their communities. Through Walden’s scholar-practitioner model, students enhance and develop professional skills. Graduates contribute to the well-being of their communities by helping to solve contemporary problems.

The School of Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Studies is the academic unit responsible for the General Education curriculum, a component of all Walden baccalaureate degree programs. The school collaborates closely with other Walden colleges and schools in the planning and delivery of undergraduate degree programs, particularly as they relate to general education.

The school’s faculty members represent the wide array of disciplines contained in its General Education and BS Communication programs. The school collaborates with all academic and student support units in support of a positive university experience for undergraduate students.