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Section 5: Tuition and Fees:
Program Fees

Walden University’s Program Fee covers the university's investment in the learning management system, content delivery tools, continuous technology upgrades, and technical support which supports students' continuous learning experience. This fee is assessed on a per term basis to ensure students continue to benefit from up-to-date and emerging technologies that enhance student-learning and outcomes. All technology investments funded by this fee are used to support students and their learning experiences.

Course-Based Program Fee (Quarter)

$170 per quarter (Effective for courses starting on or after February 27, 2023)

Course-Based Program Fee (Semester)

$230 per semester (Effective for courses starting on or after January 9, 2023)

Tempo Learning® Program Fee

$170 per Subscription Period Program Fee (effective March 1, 2023)

Non-Degree Courses Program Fee

$50 per course