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Section 4: Academic Calendar, Admission, and Enrollment:

Admission Policies

Walden University has a long-standing commitment to providing educational opportunities to a diverse group of learners. Walden’s programs are enriched by the cultural, economic, and educational backgrounds of its students and instructors. In the admissions process, the university selects individuals who can benefit from a distributed educational or online learning approach and who will use their Walden education to contribute to their academic or professional communities.

The university’s faculty and administration develop, approve, and ensure the quality and integrity of all policies that guide decisions on admission. These decisions are based on many factors and include the following:

  • Academic record
  • Goal statement (for select master’s and doctoral program candidates only)
  • Relevant work experience

Admissions requirements and policies remain the same for Tempo Learning® students. After admission to the program, students wishing to pursue their degrees in the Tempo Learning® modality also must take a modality self-assessment prior to starting the program. Offers of admission remain in effect for 12 months from the date of the admission offer.

Academic units or degree programs may have admission requirements that must be met in addition to—or in some cases, in lieu of—the university’s admission requirements. Applicants should review both the university’s general admission requirements and the specific academic unit’s or program’s admission requirements.

Prior Learning Credit

Walden realizes adult students may come to the university with any number of learning experiences that may be evaluated and applied toward academic credit. This prior learning may take place in a formal educational setting or without the support of an institution. With that in mind, Walden offers a variety of means for students to earn credit through prior learning.

Changing Degree Program, Concentration, or Specialization

Changing Degree Programs

Current and withdrawn students are eligible to be considered for admission to a new degree program.

Changing Instruction Modality: Tempo Learning® to Course-Based

Internal Program Articulation Policy

Walden has established an internal articulation policy for students who wish to change from a Tempo Learning® modality to a course-based modality. Students who wish to articulate into the course-based alternative of their existing programs can reference the Walden University Catalog for a list of Competencies and associated courses. Students must complete a significant number of corresponding competencies to receive credit for the associated Walden course.

Internal course-based equivalents for modality changers will be based on a significant completion of the Competencies that align to a course, as predetermined by the academic leadership of the program.

Changing Concentrations or Specializations Within a Degree Program


Currently enrolled students are eligible to be considered for admission to a new concentration or specialization within a degree program.

Undergraduate Concentrations and Graduate Specializations

After reviewing the admission requirements, students who have questions about this process should contact the Student Success Advising Team.

In order to request a change of concentration (for undergraduate students) or change of specialization (for graduate students), the student must submit the request in writing to the Student Success Advising Team via email.

For graduate change of specialization requests, the Student Success Advising Team will work with Admissions to ensure requirements for admission for the new specialization are met.

Gaining Readmission

Applicants With Degrees and Coursework From Non-U.S. Institutions