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Section 4: Academic Calendar, Admission, and Enrollment:

Enrollment Requirements

Walden University has time limits from initial enrollment to completion of degree programs.

Students who reach the time-to-completion limit may be subject to dismissal from the university. Students may submit a petition to request an extension of the time-to-completion requirements. Doctoral students who are granted an extension of the time-to-completion requirements may be required to meet specific benchmarks for each additional term. In addition, doctoral students who are granted an extension of time may be required by their program director to engage with specific university support services, which may result in conditions imposed that include, but not be limited to, enrollment in a student success course or workshop.

Time students spend on leave of absence does not count toward students’ program length. If students request a leave of absence during a time when their program deadline will expire, they must first file an appeal for an extension of their program deadline and have it approved prior to leave of absence being granted.

Students need to complete the minimum credit requirements described in their program’s section of the Walden University Catalog.

Enrollment Options

Enrollment Verification

Degree-seeking students who have been enrolled at Walden University for at least 6 weeks can contact the National Student Clearinghouse at 1-703-742-7791 to receive confirmation of enrollment at the university. The clearinghouse furnishes student loan lenders, mortgage lenders, insurance companies, and employers with students’ enrollment status, anticipated graduation dates, and current term start and end dates.

Office of the Registrar staff members are available to answer questions or concerns regarding student enrollment verification requests. They can be reached at

Students who have accepted their offer of admission but have yet to begin their program may contact the Office of Admissions if verification of enrollment is necessary for purpose of scholarship application, reimbursement forms, and so on.