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Student Handbook:
Faculty and Administration

Walden Leadership

Micheal Betz

Michael Betz

Dr. Sue Subocz

Sue Subocz
Associate President and Provost

Office of the President

Michael Betz, President

Sara Marsolek, Vice President, Product

Matt Smith, Vice President, Enrollment

Meghan Thomas, Vice President, Student Services

Office of the Associate President and Provost

Sue Subocz, PhD, Associate President and Provost

Division of Healthy Communities and Organizations

Kelley Costner, EdD, Vice Provost

  • Sara Makris, PhD, Dean, The Richard W. Riley College of Education and Human Sciences

  • Jorg Westermann, PhD, MA, Dipl. Oec. Univ., College of Health Sciences and Public Policy 

  • Karlyn Barilovits, PhD, Dean, College of Management and Human Potential

  • Shana Garrett, PhD, Dean, College of Psychology and Community Services 

  • Sara Makris, PhD, Dean, School of Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Studies

Division of Healthcare Access and Quality

Nina Nabors, PhD, Vice Provost

  • Alina Perez, PhD, Dean, College of Allied Health 
  • Tracy Slemp, DNP, FNP, Dean, College of Nursing
  • Lisa Moon, PhD, Dean, College of Social and Behavioral Health

Academic Affairs and Administration

Devon Edmund, Vice Provost

Institutional Effectiveness, Engagement, and Academic Performance

Savitri Dixon-Saxon, PhD, LCMHC, Vice Provost

School of Lifelong Learning

Kristi Trapp, PhD, Dean

Social Determinants of Health and Health Care Advancement

Andrea Lindell, RN, PhD, ANEF, Vice Provost

Academic Leadership

Office of Academic Affairs and Academic Residencies

Juli Konopa, PhD, Director, Academic Operations

Office of Academic Support and Instructional Services

Patrick Kahoe, Dean, Academic Success

Office of Accreditation

Brenda Kruse, MS, Director, Accreditation

Office of Civic Engagement and Leadership

Rochelle Gilbert, EdD, Associate Vice Provost

Office of Degree Acceleration

Dana Ague, EdD, Manager, Academic Support

Office Inclusive Teaching and Learning

Nina McCune, EdD, Associate Dean

Office of Licensure, Certification, and Compliance

Qiana Wells-Haridat, Dean, Academic Success

Office of Program Assessment and Evaluation 

Jackie Olson, Director, Academic Success 

Office of Research and Doctoral Services

Laura Lynn, PhD, Dean, Student Success

Office of Student Affairs

Gina Dyson, JD, Dean

Office of Student Experiential Learning Services

Mary Raeker-Rebek, PhD, Director, Academic Success

Office of Teaching and Learning Excellence

Lana Rocca, Director, Academic Success

Registrar’s Office 

Justin Zickar, EdD, Walden University Registrar 


Board of Directors

Toni L. Freeman
Board Chair
President, Toni Freeman & Associates
Civic Volunteer

Donna M. Dorsey
Principal, Dorsey & Associates Consulting

Dr. William G. Durden
President, International University Alliance
President Emeritus of Dickinson College
Courtesy Professor (Research), School of Education,
Johns Hopkins University

Dr. Charles O. Heller
President, Annapolis Capital Group

John E. Kobara
Chair, MLK Community Health Foundation

Dr. Anita McDonald
Chancellor Emerita, Penn State DuBois

Dr. Estanislado Y. Paz
Founding President, Association of Latino Administrators & Superintendents (ALAS)

Dr. Myriam E. Seay
Chief, Information Technology
Headquarters Air Force Continuity of Operations Directorate, Office of the Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Air Force

Dr. Barbara Solomon, Board Member Emerita
Professor and Vice Provost Emerita, University of Southern California

Lisa W. Wardell
Executive Chairman
Adtalem Global Education