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Section 3: Student Expectations and Responsibilities:
Walden's Grading Policy

The guidelines and policies that follow are designed to provide faculty and students with a common understanding of Walden’s expectations on important issues in the classroom.

Walden’s standard grading policy will be used in each course. For more information, see the Course Grading Scales section of this Walden University Student Handbook.

For the specific grading policies and standards of each course, please review the course syllabus and any course assignment rubrics that may be included in the course materials.

Late Assignments

Undergraduate Student Work



Walden realizes that a community of care thrives when we cultivate and nurture an inclusive, caring, and supportive learning environment. While we expect students to submit assignments in a timely fashion according to schedules published within the course (syllabi and/or calendars), we also understand that life happens and that sometimes there are circumstances beyond our control that may make it difficult to meet expectations. While attending Walden, it is important to establish and maintain communication with your instructors and to keep them informed of any issues that might impact on your ability to complete your coursework on time. Your instructors are there to support you, to facilitate your learning, and to help you keep up with your coursework.


Late Submissions


Discussion posts submitted on time create a positive learning environment and add value to the class experience. If you are unable to submit your discussion posts and responses on time, you should communicate with your instructor and keep them informed.


(e.g., applications, projects, journals, blogs, Check Your Knowledge or Tests for Understanding, quizzes, exams, etc.):
If you are unable to submit your assignment on time, you should communicate with your instructor and keep them informed.

End of Term

Work submitted after the final day of the term without prior permission of the instructor may be considered for credit up to 5 days following the end of term.


Faculty are required to communicate with students about grade concerns up to 80 days after the term has ended. If there are circumstances that make it difficult for the faculty to continue to respond to students as needed up to 80 days, the associate dean or designee should step in and communicate as needed with the student.

Revise and Resubmit 

Walden is committed to providing a caring, person-centered, diverse, and inclusive learning environment, so that each student can work to achieve their goals, find success, and make inspiring contributions to our global society. 

To that end, if a student earns a D or less on an assignment, the student can choose to revise (incorporate faculty feedback) and resubmit their work within five days of receiving the original grade.

This does not apply to Discussions.


Graduate Student Work

Walden expects students to submit assignments in a timely fashion according to schedules published in course information (syllabi and/or calendars). Assignments submitted late due to agreements between student and instructor for preplanned absences and due to emergency absences do not normally receive any grade reduction for tardiness. The university recommends that late assignments be accepted no more than a week past their due dates.

Assignments submitted late without prior agreement of the instructor, outside of an emergency absence, or in violation of agreements for late submission, may receive grade reduction for the assignment, or may not be accepted for grading, at the discretion of the instructor and as published in course syllabi. Further, late assignments may not receive the same level of written feedback as do assignments submitted on time. A pattern of chronic lateness in submitting assignments may result in a reduction in the course grade. See also Student Attendance and Engagement.

Incomplete Grades

Walden strongly discourages grades of “I” (Incomplete). However, Walden understands that there are certain circumstances under which a grade of “I” (Incomplete) is appropriate.

Grades of “I” (Incomplete) are given at the discretion of the instructor, but normally are granted only if students have acceptably completed the majority of the coursework, including discussions and assignments, prior to the last day of the class. Students must request a grade of “I” (Incomplete) prior to the last day of the course. Such a request should include a list of missing assignments and a date and plan for submission of missing assignments, no later than 80 calendar days from the last date of the course. Discussion assignments may not be made up after the last date of class. Coursework submitted within the allowed time period, not to exceed 80 calendar days from the last day of classes, will be graded and included in computation of an overall course grade that will replace the “I” grade. Failure to complete the specified coursework within the allowed time will cause the grade of “I” to default to an “F” (Fail) or “U” (Unsatisfactory), depending on the course grading scheme.

If the Instructor and Student agree on an Incomplete, the Instructor should identify the missing assignments and create a plan in writing (email) specifying the order of completion and the due dates for each, no later than 80 calendar days from the last date of the course. Students need to agree to the plan and that they can realistically meet it. Ideally all work will be completed within 2 weeks of the end of term in order to not undermine student success in the subsequent term. Communication between instructor and student is essential in successfully converting an Incomplete into a final letter grade.