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FPSY-1 Courses:
FPSY 8126 - Understanding Violence, Risk, and Threat Assessment

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5 credits

The course is designed to identify and analyze assessment instruments associated with affective and predatory violence. Students will examine assessment areas and procedures related to psychopathy, capital punishment, juvenile offenders, child custody cases, and school shootings. For the final project, students choose a targeted school violence (TSV) offender and analyze the case. Additionally, this course explores how race, gender, and cultural issues are explored in the field of forensic psychology.


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Before you begin, a word of caution: This course contains content which may be disturbing and/or triggering. If you find yourself struggling with the content, you may want to reach out to Walden’s Student Assistance Program, which offers students free and confidential counseling on a variety of personal and professional issues that may be affecting the quality of their learning experiences.  Should you require support, please contact the Walden Student Assistance Program found on your student portal.