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HUMN Courses:
HUMN 1010 - The Human Service Professional in a Changing World

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5 credits

Human services is a field that provides rewarding as well as challenging situations as professionals support a diverse range of clients in solving problems and working through difficult situations. Students in this course explore the historical development of the human services field, human services theories, the systems approach to human services, and the role of the human service professional. They examine a range of roles and areas of specialization available to those in the profession as well as related challenges, such as ethical and diversity issues when working with people in different populations. Applying foundational concepts, students also investigate trends in the field of human services, such as medical and mental health breakthroughs and changes in client populations.


  • PSYC 1001 or PSYC 1002 or PSYC 1003
  • SOCI 1001