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NRSE Courses:
NRSE 6512 - Advanced Health Assessment and Diagnostic Reasoning

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5 credits

The physical and emotional well-being of patients and families can be complex and multifaceted. Advanced practice nurses need to have the knowledge and ability to provide safe, competent, and comprehensive physical health assessments. Students in this course focus on concepts and skills to assess patients across the lifespan. They learn to use diagnostic reasoning, advanced communication, and physical assessment skills to identify changes in health patterns. Students also will explore preventative health through risk evaluation of healthy individuals as a central theme of clinical practice in addition to the assessment of patients with acute and chronic health problems. The advanced skills of reading 12 Lead EKGs, and interpreting X-rays will be covered. Course assignments emphasize risk assessment, diagnostic reasoning, and evidence-based assessment across the lifespan.

Note: NRSE courses are equivalent to the NURS version of the course.