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College of Management and Human Potential: Undergraduate:
BS in Business Administration Dual Degree and Global Business Concentration Programs

Graduates in the Dual Degree program obtain both their home institution Bachelor of Science (BS) in Business Administration as well as a BS in Business Administration from Walden University. Both programs can be completed in nine semesters.

The Walden Dual Degree program is designed to give students the tools for an international career in business. It is a 10-course sequence of core courses in the Walden BS in Business Administration program that, taken in conjunction with the home institution BS in Business Administration program allows the student to earn a BS in Business Administration from Walden University.

The Dual Degree program has many benefits:

  • It offers an intensive curriculum designed to build business skills.
  • Students additionally obtain a Certificate on Global Business upon completion of the fourth Walden University course, and a Certificate in Global Marketing Communications upon completion of the seventh course. Students obtain their BSBA degree upon completion of their last course in the sequence of Walden University Dual Degree coursework, and completion of their UVM course work is required.
  • The course sequence is designed to allow the student the same amount of time to complete the bachelor’s degree at their local university.
  • Students can earn a degree from a U.S. university without leaving their home country.
  • Students become skilled at working individually and in teams at distance using technology.
  • Students build their English skills for use in professional and business environments.
  • Students learn time management skills to meet the exigencies of a dual degree, the academic demands of the on-site home campus and the different demands of Walden’s one online program.

The Dual Degree program offers start dates every semester: January, May, and September. Please consult with the Walden coordinator for specific details.

Global Business Concentration Program

The Global Business Concentration (GBC) is designed for students who wish to enhance their global business knowledge, complete coursework from a U.S. university, and gain business knowledge and experience. Students are not required to have previous coursework in business, and thus, students from non-business majors interested in obtaining training and a credential in business from a U.S. institution can participate. The concentration is a three-course sequence, two of which are used in the Dual Degree program.

The Global Business Concentration has many benefits:

  • It requires only three semesters of coursework to complete the sequence.
  • Students will receive a Certificate of Recognition from Walden University upon successful completion of the courses.