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DRWI Courses:
DRWI 8507 - PsyD BHL Doc Project Virtual

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This virtual residency experience provides students in the Behavioral Health Leadership program with knowledge and practice skills necessary to successfully complete their capstone courses, resulting in their Doctoral Study. Students will review the Doctoral Study capstone requirements, the Baldridge Excellence Framework, role of research/researcher, and the elements of the Prospectus. At the end of the residency, an outline of the Prospectus should be submitted to gain credit for the residency. Also, students are expected to submit a summary of their residency journal that documents their virtual residency experience. Participation in all sessions and submission of daily assignments is required in order to obtain credit.

Each day will include a seminar where the chairperson covers selected topic(s). Students will create an outline of the prospectus and also set up times to work individually with the chairperson in scheduled mentoring sessions.