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DRWI Courses:
DRWI 8508 - Coaching Skills Virtual Intensive

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0 credits

In this intensive experience, students immerse themselves in the coaching context to practice and reinforce coaching skills acquired during IPSY 6753/8753 - Leadership Coaching: Theories, Concepts, and Processes. Students participate in live virtual coaching sessions through various roles: coach, client, and observer. Each synchronous coaching practice session emphasizes Board Certified Coach competencies and ethical guidelines as well as coaching best practices. Small groups work closely with faculty members for 4 days on a final project that requires synthesis of and reflection on skills learned during the intensive.


  • IPSY 6753 or IPSY 8753


  • IPSY 8755 or CPSY 8755 or PSYC 8755 or DPSY 8755 or IPSY 6755 or DPSY 6755 or PSYC 6755 or PSYC 8752 or PBHL 8755 or EDDD 8755