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EDSD Courses:
EDSD 7900 - EdS Capstone Project: Creating and Supporting Effective Educational Practices

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5 credits

Effective education leaders promote meaningful change for all students, foster the use of effective practices, and sustain long-term program viability in diverse educational settings. Throughout the program course sequence, educators examine critical components to create and support continuous improvement. These skill sets are applied in this capstone course as educators create a project that promotes meaningful education and social change. Working in a consultative role as a school or district professional, the educator engages in a project to identify a problem within his or her academic and/or work environment and propose a solution in the form of draft recommendations for the school, district, or educational setting. Additionally, the educator projects how the proposed recommendations, if implemented, would be evaluated and sustained. A Capstone Project Rubric is used to guide in project development and evaluation.