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NURS Courses:
NURS 3000 - Issues and Trends in Nursing

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5 credits

Improvement of healthcare delivery in the United States relies on many factors, such as effective nurse advocacy through politics, policy, and professional associations. But advocacy depends on the ability to fully understand current issues, systems, policies, and related contexts. In this course, students engage in a systems-level analysis of the implications of healthcare policy on issues of access, equity, affordability, and social justice in healthcare delivery.

Through policy analysis assignments students apply legislative, regulatory, and financial processes relevant to their organization and provision of healthcare services in their community. Students consider the impact of these processes on quality and safety in nursing practice environment and disparities in the healthcare system. Through this course, students gain the knowledge and skills needed to advocate for vulnerable populations and promote positive social change. 

Note: BSN students must take this course first in their sequence.