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SKIL 8035 - Doctoral Writing Workshop: Revising and Editing the Literature Review

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SKIL 8035 - Doctoral Writing Workshop: Revising and Editing the Literature Review (0 semester credits)

(0 semester credits)

Is writing the literature review a stumbling block? Is the research relayed without purpose or synthesis? This small-group workshop is for doctoral candidates who have begun the literature review of their dissertation, project study, or doctoral study but need writing guidance and support. With the help of the writing faculty member, students will spend 6 weeks advancing their literature review through tailored one-on-one writing instruction and supportive group work with their peers. Students will get to know the required components of the literature review and have the opportunity to learn how to address common writing issues, such as effective use of summary and synthesis, applying correct use of APA and source citations, and articulating search strategies. Importantly, the instruction and feedback students receive will be anchored in their own work. The goal of this workshop is to help students make progress toward the completion of the literature review. While this workshop focuses on the writing components of the literature review, optional instructional materials are available to help students learn and practice advanced library skills needed for a successful review of the literature. As needed, the faculty member will help create a tailored plan based on students' specific needs to ensure that they can continue to advance their draft.


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Note: This course was previously listed as CAEX 8035.