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College of Health Sciences and Public Policy:
Graduate Certificate in Strategic Planning and Public Policy

This program is not currently accepting new students. Current students must complete their programs of study in accordance with Walden’s Time-to-Degree Completion policies.

In this certificate program, students will enrich their understanding of how public policy is created and implemented. Designed for emerging leaders in law enforcement, corrections, and probation and parole, the certificate will give students the opportunity to study how to develop effective strategic plans that can further their organization’s mission and vision and adhere to federal, state, and local policies.

Students must meet the master’s program admission requirements. Credit from courses taken for a certificate can be applied toward the Master of Public Administration or the MS in Nonprofit Management and Leadership.

Students must show progress and maintain performance in a manner identical to a degree program. Students track their progress in their program of study, similar to degree-seeking students. Students must receive a B or better in each course. Note: A grade of B– is not acceptable.

Certificate Requirements

  • 18 total quarter credits
  • Foundation course (3 credits)
  • Core courses (15 credits)


Foundation Course (3 credits)

Certificate Courses (15 credits)

  • Students may take this as a non-degree course.
  • Students may take this as a non-degree course.

Course Sequence

The recommended course sequence is as follows:

Quarter Course Credits
Quarter 1

MMPA 6116 - Foundations of Graduate Study

3 credits

MMPA 6381 - Public Policy and Evaluation

5 credits
Quarter 2

MMPA 6451 - Public Policy Analysis

5 credits

MMPA 6465 - Strategic Planning: Collaboration, Cooperation, and Coordination

5 credits