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DITC Courses:
DITC 8000 - Foundations and Communications for Information Technology

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5 credits

This course introduces students to Walden University and the requirements for successful participation in an online curriculum. Students work toward building a foundation for academic and professional success as scholar-practitioners and social change agents. They develop presentation and written communications skills geared toward developing a high level of competence in professional communication with colleagues, clients, novices, and IT experts. Students are introduced to the Doctoral Degree Coach, helpful capstone resources, time management strategies, and potential doctoral study topics relevant to their field of study. Students also examine exemplar capstones to understand the journey they will be undertaking. Students learn how to use the library, develop doctoral-level writing strategies, and write a literature review. Additionally, students engage in course assignments focused on the practical application of professional writing, critical-thinking skills, and the promotion of professional and academic excellence. They also have the opportunity to prepare their Professional Development Plan and program of study.