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College of Management and Human Potential - Master's Programs:
MS in Leadership (Semester)

For students beginning their program prior to November 28, 2022.

The MS in Leadership program is designed to help leaders build the necessary knowledge base and skills to meet the ever-evolving challenges of a complex world. The content and activities encompassed in the leadership degree program help prepare leaders to seek and find innovative answers to novel problems and challenges; deploy effective strategies to facilitate change and manage conflict; and inspire individuals to work together toward a shared vision for a better future. Moreover, this program helps prepare students to create positive change through effective leadership.

Note on Accreditation

At the master’s level, Walden University’s Master of Business Administration (MBA), MS in Accounting, and MS in Finance are the only programs accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). The MS in Leadership program is not accredited by the ACBSP. Please visit our Accreditation page to see the list of Walden accreditations.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the program, students will be prepared to:

  1. Apply leadership principles utilized to foster positive transformation of individuals and organizations.
  2. Effectively utilize communication strategies appropriate to intended audience.
  3. Assess relationship-building strategies used by leaders.
  4. Evaluate holistic problem-solving strategies that leaders use in complex environments.
  5. Utilize effective self-reflections skills to continue a lifelong evaluation of personal leadership values, strengths, and goals.
  6. Appraise techniques leaders use to facilitate effective collaboration necessary to lead others towards a common goal.
  7. Evaluate appropriate social change leadership strategies.

Degree Requirements

  • General program (30 total semester credits)*
  • Core courses (27 semester credits)
  • Optional specializations: three specialization courses (9 additional semester credits)
  • Capstone course (3 semester credits)


Core Courses (27 semester credits)

Specialization Courses (9 semester credits)

These courses are dependent upon the particular specialization. Please see the course list on each specialization page.

Capstone Course (3 semester credits)

Course Sequence

The recommended course sequence is as follows:

Semester Course Credits
Semester 1

MMSL 6000 - Dynamic Leadership

3 semester credits

MMSL 6105 - Finding Your Inner Leader

3 semester credits
Semester 2

MMSL 6110 - Building Organizational Culture: Leaders as Architects

3 semester credits

MMSL 6115 - Communication for Leaders and Managers

3 semester credits
Semester 3

MMSL 6125 - Initiating and Managing Change

3 semester credits

MMSL 6010 - Managing People and Promoting Collaboration

3 semester credits
Semester 4

MMSL 6175 - Managing, Mediating, and Resolving Conflict

3 semester credits

MMSL 6660 - Personal Leadership: Mentoring and Coaching

3 semester credits
Semester 5

MMSL 6560 - Managing Business Partner Relationships

3 semester credits

MMSL 6905 - Capstone: A Case for Leaders as Change Agents

3 semester credits
Optional Specializations
Semester 6 Specialization Course 1* 3 semester credits
Specialization Course 2* 3 semester credits
Semester 7 Specialization Course 3* 3 semester credits

*Note: Courses in specializations must be taken in the sequence specified. Students should refer to course descriptions for more information on prerequisite requirements.