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PBHL Courses:
PBHL 8216 - Dynamics of Contemporary, International, and Virtual Organizations

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5 credits

Globalization, technological innovation, market factors, and social/cultural factors continually change the nature of business. Today’s industrial organizational professionals need to understand how organizations function within the contexts of these changes. This insight can help them to work through challenges and harness opportunities for organizational growth and development. In this course, students explore the implications of the changing nature of organizations. These considerations include increasing internationalization and virtual operation as well as new contemporary forms of organizational structure in a global interconnected economy. Students also explore the emergence and growth of the remote workforce, and the importance of examining emerging trends in response to global, local, and technological developments. Through contextual and application-based assignments, students address the unique opportunities and challenges for government, for-profit, nonprofit, international, and virtual organizations. As students apply the knowledge and skills they acquire, they will provide a diagnosis and recommendations for a specific organization's development efforts.