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PBHL Courses:
PBHL 8300 - Healthcare Financial Management and Economics

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5 credits

In this course, students gain contemporary knowledge of economic principles such as efficiency and value as it relates to health care. The principles of health care financial management, including accounting and finance, are vitally important to the viability and ongoing operations of a health care entity. Students have the opportunity to interpret and analyze the financial statements, use and analyze financial ratios, utilize variance analysis, understand and implement operating and capital budgeting, and develop knowledge of the business planning process. Students create portions of a business/financial plan and assess the viability of their plan using accepted financial management tools.


  • PBHL 8002
  • PBHL 8012
  • PBHL 8214 or PSYR 8214
  • RSCH 8110
  • RSCH 8210
  • RSCH 8310 (co-requisite)
  • PBHL 8200
  • PBHL 8301
  • PBHL 8755