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PBHL Courses:
PBHL 8540 - Strategic Planning, Management, and Leadership in a Global Context

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5 credits

Public policy implementation can take place in various types of organizations. This course engages learners in a collaborative study of strategic planning, management, and leadership in the context of public and nonprofit organizations. Students in this course identify, analyze, and evaluate the intricate relationships between strategic planning, management, and leadership from an international perspective. This course connects three key institutional elements: “thinking, acting, and learning” strategically. Students apply a management systems approach as they develop, adopt, manage, and lead a strategic plan for an international public or nonprofit organization with an international focus. Students will understand the strategic context for practical decision making for international public and nonprofit organizations, emphasizing the central role of the environment in the strategic planning process. The course offers a hands-on approach that tests students’ ability to make effective and timely management and leadership decisions in complex and uncertain conditions.