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PBHL Courses:
PBHL 9001 - BHL Doctoral Study 1

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5 credits per term until completion

This course is the first capstone course in a series of four that represents the final phases of study for Walden University doctoral students enrolled in the Behavioral Health Leadership program. Walden requires the doctoral study to reflect a high level of scholarly effort and to either expand existing knowledge or contribute to professional practice. In the capstone, doctoral students have the opportunity to integrate their academic learning with their applied skill set by demonstrating their ability to conduct an in-depth examination and/or assessment of a behavioral health practice problem. Students complete an applied practice-based study independently, with the guidance of their doctoral study supervisory committee chair and committee members, in a learning platform classroom in which weekly participation is required. Students complete their proposal and carry out and analyze a research protocol and study. There are three options for completing the doctoral study. Options 1 and 2 are the main options. Option 3 is by petition only and reserved for students for whom Options 1 and 2 are not possible. Option 1: Student is assigned to an organization to work with for their doctoral study. Option 2: Student selects an organization to work with for their doctoral study. Option 3: Benchmarking. The final product should have the level of detail and sophistication expected of a doctoral-level scholar-practitioner in the discipline. In this first course, students will complete Section 1 of the doctoral study.


  • PBHL 8900