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COUN Courses:
COUN 6354 - Career Counseling

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5 credits

Academic and career counselors are concerned with student life on all levels to support the personal and educational development of each student. Students in this course examine educational, developmental, and counseling theories related to academic and career counseling. The focus of this course is on academic and career development from elementary school through college. Students will explore intellectual and emotional intelligence, multicultural issues, attitudes, values, and psychosocial needs of the life-long learner. Students will gain skills required to assist a highly diversified student body in academic planning, career exploration, decision making, and personal growth.

Prerequisites for students entering May 29, 2023 and later

MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling Prerequisites

  • None

MS in School Counseling

  • SPLB 671L
  • COUN 6720

MS Dual Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and School Counseling Prerequisites

  • None

Prerequisites for students entering prior to May 29, 2023

  • SPLB 671L
  • COUN 6322
  • COUN 6320
*Students may take this as a non-degree course, which means they do not have to be enrolled in a program. Contact an enrollment specialist [1-866-492-5336 (U.S.);1-443-627-7222 (toll)] for more information or visit School of Lifelong Learning for more information.