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COUN Courses:
COUN 8890 - Counselor Education and Supervision Practicum

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(3 credits) 

Counseling Doctoral Practicum is an advanced clinical experience as the first of a three-part practitioner capstone experience before dissertation. During the practicum course, students work toward gaining and applying new and advanced clinical knowledge, skills, and professional dispositions. Students must secure a field experience site, apply with the Office of Field Experience within the published application window, and earn approval before being eligible for practicum enrollment. Once enrolled, students will spend a minimum average of 8–10 hours per week at the site that they have secured. They will complete direct counseling hours using the new and advanced skills, weekly individual or triadic supervision with their site supervisor, administrative duties, and other activities as assigned by the site. Concurrently, students will participate in weekly case conceptualization activities, 2 hours of group supervision per week with their faculty supervisor, and other clinically relevant assignments directly related to the work at the site. There are multiple synchronous components of this course. Students must be prepared to be flexible in meeting the demands of this course.


  • All core courses in the program of study
  • All residencies
  • Approval by the Office of Field Experience