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COUN Courses:
COUN 8336 - Crisis, Trauma, and Disaster Response

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(5 credits)

This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of the personal and systemic impact of crises, disasters, and other trauma-causing events on individuals, couples, families, and communities. Students examine theories and response models as they relate to sexual trauma, crisis in individuals and families, crisis in the community, and crisis in the nation and in the world. They explore and discuss topics related to counselor competencies, vicarious trauma and counter transference, specific diagnoses, and advocacy. Students also engage in assignments designed to provide practical application of crisis assessment. Through contemporary articles and case studies, they consider and discuss cultural, legal, and ethical issues related to crisis, trauma, and disaster events and response.

*Students may take this as a non-degree course, which means they do not have to be enrolled in a program. Contact an enrollment specialist [1-866-492-5336 (U.S.);1-443-627-7222 (toll)] for more information or visit School of Lifelong Learning for more information.