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College of Management and Human Potential: Certificates:
Graduate Certificate in Advanced Cyber Security

This program is not currently accepting new students. Current students must complete their programs of study in accordance with Walden’s Time-to-Degree Completion policies.

This graduate certificate program is designed to prepare current IT professionals to remediate critical security risks, including ransomware and other cybercrimes, and implement mitigating controls for a secure and protected environment. Through hands-on, interactive coursework, students have the opportunity to:

  • Explore current and emerging information security threats.
  • Design tests to probe system penetrability in your technology, networks, and physical environments..
  • Evaluate application of laws and regulations to IT.
  • Develop incident response, security plans, and security awareness programs.

Certificate Requirements

  • 9 semester credits
  • 1.5 semesters (6 months) to complete


Course Sequence

The recommended course sequence is as follows:

Semester Course Credits
Semester 1

ITEC 6620 - Information and Systems Security

3 semester credits

ITEC 6630 - Computer Law, Crime, and Investigation

3 semester credits
Semester 2

ITEC 6640 - Topics in High-Assurance Computing

3 semester credits