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College of Management and Human Potential: Certificates:
Graduate Certificate in Business (Quarter)

For students beginning their program May 27, 2024 or later.

Competitive advantage is a necessity in business. For those looking to gain a foundation in business the Certificate in Business can provide students a robust understanding of business essentials in order to gain competitive advantage in almost any industry. The Certificate in Business is designed to help students enhance their business skills and obtain knowledge in key business disciplines including accounting, finance, business performance and marketing.

Note: This certificate is not available as a standalone offering. Students may complete the certificate requirements along the way to completing their MBA degree by way of program core or specialization courses.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of this certificate program will be prepared to:  

  1. Apply systems thinking to improve business practices and processes.
  2. Examine how accounting principles enable effective business decision-making.
  3.  Assess how marketing interfaces with and influences business decisions.
  4. Examine managerial finance skills that enable strategy, planning, and decision methods in business.

Certificate Requirements

  • 20 total quarter credits


  • Students may take this a non-degree course.
  • Students may take this a non-degree course.
  • Students may take this a non-degree course.
  • Students may take this a non-degree course.

Course Sequence

The recommended course sequence is as follows:

Course Credits

MBAX 6040 – Improving Business Performance

5 quarter credits

MBAX 6050 – Accounting for Management Decision Making

5 quarter credits

MBAX 6060 – Marketing for Competitiveness

5 quarter credits

MBAX 6070 – Managerial Finance

5 quarter credits