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College of Management and Human Potential: Certificates:
Graduate Certificate in Evidence-Based Coaching

The Graduate Certificate in Evidence-Based Coaching specialization prepares students to facilitate change that can help individuals and organizations improve performance and achieve goals. This certificate is among the few online coaching training programs that provide the academic curriculum and 30 hours of experience required to be eligible to take the Board Certified Coach (BCC) credential exam.

Learning Outcomes

All graduates will be prepared to:

  1. Evaluate current theories and research in evidence-based coaching.
  2. Integrate professional competencies in the application of evidence-based coaching.
  3. Distinguish among major factors that impact leader development through coaching.
  4. Analyze factors that impact leadership effectiveness on teams and in organizations.
  5. Evaluate the role of leadership and evidence-based coaching in positive social change.

Certificate Requirements

  • 17 total quarter credits
  • Certificate courses (17 credits)
  • Coaching Skills Virtual Intensive (0 credits)


Course Sequence

The recommended course sequence is as follows:

Quarter Course Credits
Quarter 1

IPSY 6753 - Leadership Coaching: Theories, Concepts, and Processes

6 credits

IPSY 6755 - Leadership and Leader Development

5 credits
Quarter 2

IPSY 6756 - Leadership Coaching: Practices and Applications

6 credits

DRWI 8508 - Coaching Skills Virtual Intensive

0 credits